Collage Animation in Procreate: How to Combine Vintage & Modern Elements


In this beginner-friendly class, we’ll assemble images sourced from free photo websites into a collage. I’ll reveal an underused composition trick that'll help you create dynamic collages. 

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Easy Animation with Procreate: 5 Fun Birthday GIFs Anyone Can Create

In this beginners’ class you’ll learn how to create five easy birthday animations using the illustration app Procreate. 

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Procreate Animation: Create Fun, Inspirational GIFs for Social Media

In this class, we'll create three GIFS featuring inspirational quotes. 

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Procreate Animation: Make Chat Sticker GIFs for Instagram Stories & More!

You know those cute little animated stickers that you can use on Instagram stories? I’m going to talk you through creating a variety of chat stickers with three different themes: hearts, stars and the word yes.  


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Transform your Selfie into a Creative Profile Picture & Stand Out on Instagram

In this class, we’ll remove the background of a photograph of you and put yourself in a brand new background!


Create Your Own Pet GIFs with Procreate Animation

In this class, you’ll learn how to create animations just like that one, starring your favorite pet.

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