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Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Social media platforms each handle animations differently. For example, Facebook will allow you to upload a GIF file to your page. Instagram will require a different file type - an MP4 video file.

Understanding GIF and MP4 File Types You can save your Procreate animations as an Animated GIF or as an Animated MP4. GIFs play constantly without needing to hit play. An MP4 is a video file, so you will need to press play. And it won't play endlessly like a GIF.

For example, if I save a three-frame GIF like the one below as an animated MP4 from Procreate, I get a one-second video that plays three frames, and then stops. Not very fun.

Psstt: Want to learn to create animations just like this one? Check out my Skillshare Class that shows you how to make your own fun custom chat stickers for Instagram stories and more!

Using GIPHY to Covert GIFs to MP4s: You can use a site like GIPHY to convert your GIF into a longer MP4 that makes it look like the video is looping.

Here’s how to upload your GIF to GIPHY:

Here’s GIPHY’s info on sharing GIFs on different social media sites:

I have an Artist's Channel on GIPHY. I have LOTS of fun animations there. You can find my GIFs anywhere there is a GIPHY search engine, like on Facebook or Instagram stories. Seach "kelleybb" and they will pop right up.

My tips for sharing GIFs on Facebook: You can share GIFs on Facebook. I get different results on Facebook when I’m sharing one of my GIFs from the app vs. a browser. Sometimes the GIF shares as a static image. This way works for me: Pull up Facebook in your browser. In the “What’s on your mind, Kelley?” area click Photo/Video. Navigate to your albums, then to your animated album, and choose a GIF.

Facebook will take a minute to process your GIF, then you’ll see something like this:

Instagram: Instagram doesn’t support GIFs, so you need to covert the GIF to an MP4. Use a site like GIPHY to make your MP4 longer. Use the info above to convert your GIF to an MP4. I hope this was helpful! Please let me know if you have questions.

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